Joseph J. Mazzella
Gifts From The Soul

It is a beautiful Spring weekend as I write this. Children are outdoors running, laughing, riding bikes and playing basketball. Dogs are sleeping in the afternoon sun content just to be alive. A family of ducks are waddling back home to a neighbor's farm after taking a quick swim in a stream that runs behind the local grade school.

Adults are talking on their porches and swinging slowly on their porch swings. Everywhere around me I can feel the gentle kiss of God's wind on my cheek and love in my heart.


It is one of those special times when you can hear the voice of love, peace, and joy coming from your own soul and saying: "See, I was here all the time. You only needed to slow down long enough to notice me."

I only wish that everyone in this world could have a quiet moment like this when they could see that the love, joy, and peace that they chase after so desperately and try to find in so many things was within them all along.


Maybe then they would sit down and get to know that love in their hearts, joy in their souls, and peace in their lives. Maybe then they would quit trying to get so much out of life and start putting something back into it. Maybe then they would see that choosing and sharing love and joy is really what life is all about.

  God gives us so much. Life gives us so much. There is beauty, wonder, peace, joy, love, goodness, and delight all waiting to be chosen and all waiting to be shared. Let's stop chasing madly after them then. Let's instead sit down, notice them smiling at us from within our own souls, take them by the hand, and give them to the world. Let's do our work with our joy, live our lives with our love, and share our goodness with everyone we meet. Let's make all of our days a glorious gift of love from our souls to God.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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