Joseph J. Mazzella
The Gift That Keeps On Returning

I have a gift that I just can’t seem to give away. Every time I try to give it to someone I get it returned. I gave it to my Dad the other day and he went and gave it right back. I tried to give it to both my sons and daughter this morning, but they wouldn’t keep it either. They gave it back to me almost immediately.


I tried to pass it on to a few friends that I saw when I took my children to school, but they refused to accept it and passed it back to me again. Later on I saw my neighbour and offered it to her. She gave it back even quicker than everyone else. Finally I even decided to try and give it to all the strangers I passed on the street and in the stores. A few of them looked like they might take it without passing it back to me, but in the end every single person returned it.


I looked at it in the mirror this afternoon wondering what was wrong with it and why no-one would keep it. It seemed like such a beautiful, wonderful, joyous, and God given gift. In the end I guessed that a gift this good couldn’t be hoarded and had to keep travelling on from heart to heart and soul to soul. It was no wonder then that I kept getting my smile returned every time I tried to give it away.


I hope that all of you give your smile away today. Don’t be surprised, however, if you find it returned back to you again and again. A gift of such beauty, joy, peace, love, and delight is a gift from God and it travels back and forth connecting hearts, souls, minds, and lives. It is a simple gift that takes so little effort and yet brings such goodness to this world. Its value is beyond compare. It enriches the lives of those who receive it and also the lives of those who give it away. It is the gift that keeps on returning and the gift that blesses us all our lives long.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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