Joseph J. Mazzella
God's Love

I have to admit that I have an addiction to something. There is no twelve step program for my addiction either. You see, my addiction has no harmful side effects. It doesn't destroy my life. In fact, it makes my life better with each passing day.

My addiction is more pleasurable than drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. It costs me no money, but gives me countless treasures daily. It makes my body healthier, my mind clearer, and my heart stronger. It fills my soul with limitless joy and gives me a high that takes me to the Heavens.


What is my addiction? My addiction is God's love. I can never get enough of God's love. It is so wonderful, joyful, delightful, vital, uplifting, inspiring, and glorious.

I seek to fill my heart, mind, and soul to overflowing with it everyday of my life. I choose to share it every chance I get with everyone I meet. I let it come out in all my actions and writings. I wish to show the whole world that they can choose it, share it, and grow in it as well.

  I see God's love everywhere. It is in a child's laugh, a bird's song, and a loved one's smile. It shines through every flower that blooms, every puppy that wags its tail, and every sunset that blesses the Earth.

It is in hugs, kisses, and kind words. It flows through nature, animals, and people. It lives in Heaven, angels, hearts, and souls.

  The truth is we are all meant to live in God's love. It is what we are here for. Don't be afraid of this addiction then. Let God's love into your heart, soul, and mind. Let God's love transform your life. Let God's love flow through you to bless the world. Let God's love be the greatest gift you share, and share it always with everyone everywhere. God's love may be addicting, but it is the one thing you can never have too much of.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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