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God's Love

I went looking for some old friends today at the lake near my home. These friends were a beautiful family of Canadian Geese that had first showed up at the lake in the Spring of this year. I had watched the babies grow from fuzzy little hatchlings to magnificent birds the size of their parents in just six months. They had been a welcome part of our joyful walks around the lake. They were always there either swimming across it or eating near the water ,and they had always allowed us to walk peacefully past them as we strolled the lakeshore.


Today, however, they were nowhere to be found. I guess that they decided that it was time to fly South before the colder weather finally set in. I knew I was going to miss their company this Winter and I hoped that they would return again next Spring. As I looked out across the lake for them one last time and saw the mountains and sky reflecting in the clear, calm water I smiled. I knew that no matter where they were they would still be reflecting God’s love and light in their lives just as the lake was reflecting it to me right now. I just hoped that there was some beautiful, human soul there to see them and give thanks to God for them as well.


It isn’t just crystal clear lakes or beautiful families of Canadian Geese that are reflections of God’s love and light in this world, though. Each and everyone of us can be a reflection of it too. We can reflect the love, joy, beauty, peace, and light that God blesses us with every single day of our lives.


We can share it with everyone everywhere. We can make it a part of all the many, beautiful choices we make each day. But most of all we can add the love, joy, and light of our own brilliant souls to it. We cannot only be a mirror reflecting all the goodness God blesses us with, but can also be a beacon of shining joy, light-filled love, and glowing oneness with God for all the world to see and rejoice in.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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