Joseph J. Mazzella
The Gift Of Joy

I had another birthday recently and as always got some wonderful gifts from my family. Of all of them, though, I think the best one was the simple joy that they all gave me so freely.

Seeing the light in their eyes, the smiles on their faces, and their enjoyment in giving me a happy birthday was more priceless than any present in the world. It was a beautiful moment that I will remember and cherish the rest of my life.


Joy is such a wonderful gift to give another. It brightens their day, lightens their heart, and warms their soul. Joy is also a glorious gift to give ourselves.

What does everyone in this world want more than a healthy and happy life, after all? Joy gives you both.


A merry heart lengthens your days, strengthens your body, and blesses you with health and goodness. A joyous soul gives you the happiness you always dreamed of and always pursued. All you have to do is choose it moment by precious moment.

Joy is what we are all meant for. God created us to live in, choose, and share love and joy. It is why we are here. It is what we seek. It is what we want. It is what we need.

  The good news is that God gives it to us all freely. All we need to do is welcome it into our hearts and souls and share it with the world.

Give the gift of joy today and everyday of your life then. Give it to yourself, give it to others, and give it to God. Remember, everyday, moment by precious moment you can give yourself the gifts of love and joy.

Everyday, moment by precious moment you can share these gifts of love and joy with the entire world. Everyday, moment by precious moment you can make your life a glorious gift to God by living it the way you were meant to live it: in limitless love and joy.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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