Joseph J. Mazzella

I consider myself one of the richest men who have ever walked the face of the Earth. I know myself to be one of the wealthiest people who have ever lived. This wealth can’t be measured in money, diamonds, or gold, however. This richness can’t be seen in the home I live in or in the possessions I have.


This incredible abundance is far greater and more precious than those things could ever be. This fantastic prosperity and priceless treasure is something that I give and receive freely everyday of my life. The most spectacular thing about this endless wealth too is that the more I give it away the more of it I get back. What is this special richness that fills my life so completely? It is wonderful, joyful, loving hugs.


I am so blessed to still get so many loving hugs from my daughter, my sons, and my beautiful wife. These hugs keep my body young, my mind alive, and fill my heart and soul with warmth, love, and joy. They bless me with a happiness and oneness with life that is priceless beyond measure. They help me to feel the sweetness of living, the joy of giving, and the love of God. They shower me in goodness as I receive them and as I share them with the world. I take endless delight in sharing them too. My wife, children, friends, and even family dogs will tell you that. I love to hug and I hug to love. They are one of the best gifts God gives any of us and I am so happy to joyously share them with all those around me.


Don’t be afraid to share these God-given gifts of love and joy then. Hug your family, hug your friends, hug your animals, hug all those you love, and if you are alone right now then wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug as well. We all deserve to be hugged. We all deserve to be loved. God gave us these arms for a reason. Don’t just leave them hanging by your sides. Fill your heart and soul with God’s love and joy and then go out and hug the world.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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