Joseph J. Mazzella
A Home Cooked Meal

Ever since I was a little boy I have loved the delicious delights of a home cooked meal. I have loved the eager anticipation as the food slowly cooks in the kitchen. I have loved the heavenly odours that drifted through the whole house. I have loved the wonderful tastes that make the tongue dance and the heart sing. I have loved the special company of family and friends that gather around the table to eat and talk and share. I have loved the warm feeling of fullness that my stomach gives me after such a meal and the wonderful feeling of peace and happiness that my soul gives me as well.


The best thing of all about a home cooked meal though, is the love that goes into making it. I could feel that love in my Grandma's lasagne and home made bread as a little boy. I could feel that love in my Mom's fried chicken and mashed potatoes as a teenager. I can feel that love in my Dad's spaghetti and meatballs even today. I can feel that love in my wife's turkey, garlic potatoes, barbeque ribs, cornbread, beans, Italian stew, vegetable soup, and everything else she makes. I think, in fact, that it is the love that makes home cooking so special. A loving heart always makes the best meals.


What most of us don't realize however, is that life itself is like a home cooked meal. It is a home cooked meal made by the most loving heart around: the heart of God. It contains countless delicious dishes to fill our hearts and souls full to bursting with warmth, joy, and love. Even if we don't like the taste of a few things, we still know that they are good for us too. There is always enough for everyone as well, so we can delight in inviting the whole world to share in the feast.


Don't be afraid to chow down on life then. Don't be afraid to invite everyone you know to the table either, But especially don't forget to thank the cook.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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