Joseph J. Mazzella

My wife is a hero. I think I have known this for a long time now. My wife is a hero in the way she has helped me to raise our two handicapped son’s with so much caring, love, and strength over the years. My wife is a hero in the way she has stuck by me through all the years of struggle and financial hardship we have gone through in our marriage. My wife is a hero too in how she decided to follow a life long dream and become an E.M. T after 17 years of marriage and bringing 3 beautiful children into this world.


Even though she was already in her mid-thirties and working a full time job my wife took the E. M. T courses for months on her free days and got her certification. She started on a new career of helping others with her talented hands, intelligent mind, and kind heart. I think I got the full view of just what a hero she is when we were on a family outing and watched a horrible car accident happen right in front of us. Without a second thought my wife sprang into action. She had my daughter call in the location of the wreck while she ran to the scene to help the injured. I watched on with pride as she did her job with skill, caring, and calm. I felt honoured to be married to such a wonderful woman.


Being married to my wife has given me a new respect for all the heroes out there who put themselves in harms way to protect and help us all. I thank God for all those who have dedicated their lives to being E. M. T’s, police officers, fire-fighters, and soldiers. They help all of us to spend our days in peace and safety. Their sacrifices help each of us everyday to live freer, healthier, more joyous, and more loving lives.


Is it hard being married to a hero? Actually, it is one of the easiest things in the world. My hero brings out the best in me. I always choose and share more love and joy because of her.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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