Joseph J. Mazzella
Improving Your Insides

I was amazed recently when I read about how many different types of surgeries and treatments people are undergoing these days in order to look younger or more beautiful. There were breast and chin implants. There were injections to give you fuller lips. There were face lifts to take the furrows out of your forehead. There were botox treatments to take away your smile and laugh lines. There were liposuction treatments to take the fat out of your body.

There were surgeries to make your nose smaller and tummy tighter. There were hair implants to take away baldness and dyes to take away any grey hairs that show up. There were skin treatments to take away age marks and liver spots. Some of these treatments cost very little, but others ran into thousands of dollars. It was strange to see all the things people are willing to do to look good on the outside.


When I look in the mirror lately at my thirty seven year old body, I see the wrinkles and laugh lines on my face, the greying and thinning hair on my head, and the little extra fat around my body. It doesn't bother me though. I feel more young and vital today than I did when I was twenty. I feel more alive and joyous now than when I was a teenager. I know too that I feel this way not because of what I look like on the outside but because of what I do on the inside.


It is the insides that are essential. It is the insides that are eternal. What you do everyday to improve your heart and soul will do more to make your life better than all the surgeries in the world. God made you a beautiful, loving soul that just happens to be carried around in a body. Keep your body healthy then, but keep your soul healthier.


Take your plastic surgery fund and give it to charity. Watch a sunset. Give someone you love a hug. Do something good to help another soul. Live and love the way God meant for you to. Remember when you die only the love and joy within your soul goes with you. The rest really isn't that important.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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