Joseph J. Mazzella
Just Love

Our new Saint Bernard puppy, Buddy just keeps growing and growing. He is already nearing the eighty pound mark and I know that he has another hundred to go after that before he is full grown. The biggest thing about him, though, seems to be his heart. Although, he prefers the company of my wife and daughter to anyone else he still seems to have more than enough love to share with the rest of us. Buddy doesn't hold his love back for anyone be they man, woman, dog, or cat. Buddy loves the whole world and he seems to take his greatest joy in sharing that love with everyone he meets.


I only wish that one day I will be able to love as easily and freely as Buddy does. I hope that one day my entire life will be a gift of love: given freely and with joy. I hope that one day my love will be free of all judgement, all fear, and all conditions. I hope that one day my love will be as pure as this puppy's love and as strong and beautiful as the love God gives me everyday.


Mother Teresa once said: "We have been created to love and be loved." God made us to love.

When we refuse to love we slowly kill the beautiful soul within each of us. When we refuse to love we exist without really living. When we refuse to love we deny the true purpose of our lives here on Earth and waste the precious time that we are given here.


Let us all follow the advice of a wise dog I know then and just love. Let us give up our worries, struggles, and fears and just love. Let us abandon our prejudices, hatreds, and judgements and just love. Let us live the way that God meant for us to live towards Him, ourselves, and our neighbours and just love. By just filling our hearts and souls with love and sharing that love with everyone everywhere we can make our lives blessed and make this world a better, more beautiful, and more loving place.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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