Joseph J. Mazzella
Joy Love And Life

Many years ago I saw something that helped me for the first time to see what life was really about. It was a documentary about the home for the dying that Mother Teresa started in Calcutta.

In it there was so much sickness, so much pain, so much suffering, and so much misery. Death was there as well. You could tell just by looking at the people that almost all of them would be dead soon. By the time they reached the home most of them were too sick to recover. Mother Teresa didn't create the home to be a hospital. She created it so that the people who were dying on the streets could have a place to die with dignity, with peace, and with a feeling of being loved.


It was this love that so deeply touched me. The Sisters in the home radiated it to those they cared for. In spite of the misery, suffering, and death this home was a place of joy. The joy and love flowed from God, through the hearts and souls of the Sisters, and blessed all those who were there. The sick and dying knew that they were loved. They felt God's love and the love of the Sisters and they died in peace often with the most joyous expressions on their faces.


It was such a beautiful thing to see and it showed me for the first time that life really is about the love and joy that we choose and share. Without it life has no meaning, but with it life becomes a glorious gift from God to rejoice in always.


May your own life always be full of love and always be full of joy then. May you always embrace the glorious gift of life that God gives you and live it with giving, caring, and compassion. May you one day face death yourself with dignity, peace, and the knowledge that you are forever loved by the greatest love imaginable.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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