Joseph J. Mazzella
Life After The Storm.

Last Winter a massive ice storm struck the mountains where I live. Power was lost for days, many homes were damaged and countless trees were split and broken down the middle from the weight of the ice. I was sure that the forests around my home would never look the same again.


Imagine my surprise then when the green mountains of Spring and Summer looked as vital and alive as ever this year. I got a special gift too when I was picking up garbage on my son's local playground.

There at the edge of the woods surrounding it was one of those trees that had been split in two. The part of it that had been broken off was lying on the ground barely hanging onto the rest of the tree by a small bit of bark. Growing from every twig of its fallen limb, though, were new, fresh, green leaves full of beauty and full of life.


  What a wonderful sight that was to see. It showed me that no matter how battered and broken the storms of life may make us, if we only stay connected to God we can still be full of life and still produce our own green leaves of love and joy to share with others.

Never let the storms of life destroy you then. Stay connected to God always. Fill yourself daily with His energy, love, joy, light, and life.

  Let the tree of your soul be full of love, laughter, goodness, and delight. Let the green leaves of your loving acts branch out to provide shelter and shade to all who need it. Let even your broken and battered parts grow in new life and new joy. Share your growth, joy, and love with the world. Let God make your life an example of love as beautiful as any Pine, Maple, or Oak out there. Show the world that there can always be life after the storm.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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