Joseph J. Mazzella
Lessons From Dogs.

There is a joyous ringing in my house these days. It comes from a bouncing, jumping, tail wagging, face licking bundle of happiness with a jingle bell on its collar. It comes from a rapidly growing, four legged shadow that follows my daughter everywhere.

It comes from an innocent faced, brown eyed ball of energy that has made itself at home in our house and in our hearts. Yes, we have taken yet another adorable, loving puppy into our lives. My daughter named her Pepper, but we more often call the little, tail chaser Peppy these days.


The name seems to fit this blissful, little, bark machine. I have no doubt that this small, cute, and furry pup will soon grow to be the size of a baby hippo, but it doesn't matter. We will love her forever anyway.

Why do we humans love dogs so much? Maybe it is because they love us so much. I have four living with me now and have owned over a dozen in my lifetime. I can't even picture my life without them.


Inmates in prison, the sick in hospitals, and even patients in mental institutions will lower their defences and offer their love again when a dog appears. Children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly all live brighter, happier, and healthier lives because dogs are in them.

Dogs truly are one of the greatest gifts that God ever gave us. They give us unconditional love just as God does and remind us daily that we too can love this way if we choose.

  Let us all take some lessons then from our four legged friends. Let us offer our love freely, openly, and happily to all those around us. Let us share our joy, energy, and enthusiasm with everyone we meet. Let us play, laugh, and enjoy just being alive.

Let us live our lives with a smiling face and open arms just as they do with a wagging tail and a nuzzling nose. Let us be a glorious gift from God to ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone else and make the world a better place just by being in it. Let us follow our dogs' wise example and just love.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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