Joseph J. Mazzella
Little Golden Treasures.

It is that time of the year again when instead of just looking out at my lawn I have to mow it as well. I must say that I am not looking forward to it. It isn't that I mind the work. A little hard work never bothered me. I also love the smell of freshly mowed grass. It is one of the many joys of Spring and Summer.

It is just that mixed in with the tall grass right now are countless little golden treasures that I will really hate mowing down. These wonderful treasures are called dandelions and they will always have a very special place in my heart. Although many people consider dandelions to be weeds and do everything they can to kill them, to me they will always be flowers.-


Their little yellow blossoms are simple and yet beautiful. Their scent is pleasing to the nose and their presence can turn an ordinary meadow into a golden sea in Spring.

Blowing their seeds into the wind can bring joy to the hearts of eight year old's and eighty year old's alike.


Like God's love and joy they grow anywhere and everywhere. They are a gift and a blessing and I always stop to gaze upon them and rejoice in their beauty whenever I can. Dandelions also remind me of what is best in all of us.

They remind me of the simple beauty, love, and joy that lies within each of our souls. They remind me of the strength of will that helps us to keep on growing in and sharing that love and joy in spite of all the people with lawn mowers and weed killers out there.

They remind me of how God scatters the seeds of our love, joy, and goodness on the wind until they travel the world and plant themselves in a million hearts.

  They remind me of how the tiniest blossom among us can still make this world a better, more beautiful, and more Heavenly place. That is why I always say, "Thank you dear God for dandelions."
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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