Joseph J. Mazzella
Love Is Attractive.

I was looking through a magazine yesterday and I couldn't help but laugh. Every advertisement in the magazine either had some over made-up female model who was pouting so hard that she seemed about to cry or some male model who looked so angry that he seemed ready to jump off the page and attack you. This image society tells us is so beautiful seems to me to be just plain foolish.

Whatever happened to smiling? All of the girls seemed so skinny too. It looked like they were about to pass out from hunger. The male models on the other hand looked like their muscles were about to burst through their skin. Am I the only person left who thinks that women look prettier without makeup and that all body shapes and sizes are beautiful?


It is sad too that so many people think that they are not beautiful if they don't look like the models in these pictures. We are all beautiful. We just don't allow ourselves to see it. I have seen thousands of people in my lifetime and everyone of them looked beautiful when they smiled. I have seen thousands of bodies in my lifetime and everyone of them seemed the perfect temple to carry a loving soul.


If you really want to know what is truly attractive you need only look deep inside your own heart. What makes your heart sing? What makes your heart feel warm and happy? What makes your heart beat with life and joy? It is love that is truly attractive. When we meet someone who is full of love we are instantly attracted to them. When we choose love in our lives we become more beautiful and attractive as well. The great Norman Vincent Peale once said, "God runs a beauty parlour." I couldn't agree more.

  No one is more beautiful than a person who is full of love ,joy, and oneness with God. Remember, God made each and everyone of us beautiful and attractive and when we let ourselves choose and share love we allow that beauty to shine.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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