Joseph J. Mazzella
Live Now

My wife and I have done a wonderful thing the last two weekends. Each weekend we have packed the children into the car and headed out for a fantastic road trip. We have done this without any major planning or worrying.

We have just begun with a strong determination to enjoy ourselves and a beautiful desire to live now and not later. Each trip has been different, but both of them have taken us to the same place: a glorious little destination called Joy.


It is amazing to me how many people are just sitting there watching life go by when there is so much living that they can be doing right now. Some of them are so busy planning for the future that they forget that they can only live today. Others are so busy worrying about their problems that they forget that they can choose love and joy in spite of them.

Still others have given up altogether and are merely waiting for death. They don't see that life, love, and joy are only a choice away and that God wants them to Live Now.


There is a wonderful quote that says, "How do you know if your mission on Earth is finished? If you are still alive then it isn't."

Are you going to stop living before God wants you to? Are you just going to sit around waiting to die or are you going to live now? What are you waiting for? Start living now.

  If you haven't taken a day off to enjoy yourself in forever then do it now. If you haven't played with your children in a long time then do it now. If you haven't smelled a flower or hugged a tree lately then do it now. If you haven't told those you hold dear that you love them in a while then do it now.

If you haven't hugged your children, grandchildren, friends, loved ones, pets, or even yourself in days then do it now. If you haven't loved, laughed, sang, danced, cared, helped, smiled, or enjoyed yourself today then for crying out loud do it now. Life is too short to waste doing nothing. God wants us to Love Now and God wants us to Live Now.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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