Joseph J. Mazzella
Love Will Prevail.

After the unbelievable horror and destruction of the recent terrorist attack on our country I wasn't sure if I could write an article this week. In fact, a part of me felt like never writing about love and joy again. I guess when faced with so much violence, hatred, and evil the heart naturally feels empty, scared, and only wants to hide.

It was with those feelings still hanging heavy in my being then that I went out for a walk this morning. I had so many questions floating in my mind. I guess the biggest of them was "why?"


Why do people do these terrible things? Why can't we all love and care for each other the way God meant for us to? Why do so many choose evil and hatred over love and goodness?

As I was walking lost in my own emptiness, though, I began to feel a cool breeze kissing my face. I looked up and saw through moist eyes birds soaring high in the clouds and butterflies gliding gently on the wind. I noticed the leaves on one of my favorite maple trees already beginning to change to a stunning red. I heard two young children laughing and playing happily in their yard. I gazed around and saw a young mother holding her baby in her arms and gently kissing him on the head.


It was then that I had the answer that my heart so desperately needed. It was then that my tears of sorrow became tears of joy. It was then that I knew that no amount of evil or hatred will ever be more powerful than God's love for us and our love for each other.

  Don't give up, my dear friends. Love, joy, and goodness will prevail and we will someday make this world into the peaceful, loving paradise God meant for it to be.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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