Joseph J. Mazzella
The Light In Your Eyes

Did you ever notice how people's eyes send out light? It is such an incredible thing to see. To look at that sparkling light coming out of someone's eyes always fills me with joy. I notice it shining especially in the eyes of happy little children, but I have seen it glowing just as brightly in the eyes of ninety year old's as well. Some people's eyes give out so much light that you can even see it in photographs of them.

I feel so blessed when I see that light burning so brightly in the eyes of my wife, daughter, and two sons. It warms my heart and soul to see it and to feel their love and joy flowing through it.


It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. It is good to know then that so many souls out there are full of light and are willing to share that light with the world. When you look into another's eyes and see that light sparkling in joy it is easy to see how we are all Children of God and how much God loves each of us and wants us to love each other as well.


The next time you look in a mirror then notice the light in your own eyes. It is the same light that fills your soul and shines through your life. It is the light that God gave you and wants you to share with the world. Don't keep it hidden. Let it twinkle from your eyes, sparkle from your smile, and glow from your every loving act. Let it burn bright through your kind words, good deeds, helping hands, cheerful laughter, happy thoughts, and joyous life. Let that light within you out and help drive the darkness out of this world.

  We all will one day die and the light will go out of our eyes. It won't disappear, though. It will just go home to the place where love, joy, and light never end and the light of God's love shines forever.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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