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My Children

I am continuously amazed at how I raised such wonderful children. The latest example came when my family and I were swimming at a local pool. A lovely, young woman came up and introduced herself to me and my wife. She was a graduating valedictorian from our local high school and just wanted to tell us how much she had enjoyed the kindness and friendship our oldest son had shown her in his first year of high school.


He was her friend and a friend to so many others in spite of the struggle of having to deal daily with the handicap of autism. His goodness and kindness left an impression in her heart and her words made me thank God again for blessing me with a son like him. He truly is a Child of God and an angel in disguise.


My oldest son, however, isn't the only angel that I have been blessed to raise. My daughter continues to delight me with her strength, love, maturity, joy, and sweet soul. At a time when most teenage girls are taking it easy over the summer, she is volunteering at the summer reading program and helping to instil a love of learning and a joy of living in the hearts and minds of younger children. My youngest son too continues to bless others everyday with his life. Although his autism is even more severe than his brother's he still lights up the hearts and souls of those he meets everyday with his sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, and infectious laugh.


My children truly have taught me far more than I have taught them. They have shown me again and again how the true measure of living is how much love you give and joy you share. They have shown me again and again what God wants us all to know: that we are here to help each other, care for each other, and spread delight into each other's lives. They have shown me again and again that when you love unconditionally, give goodness freely, and share joy without expecting anything in return that God blesses your life in countless, miraculous ways.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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