Joseph J. Mazzella
A Bit Of Effort.

The holidays have always been such a special time of joy for me with their celebration of giving, sharing, love, happiness, delight, and oneness with God. But for the last twelve years there has also always been a bit of sadness underneath it all.

It was twelve years ago that I lost my Mom to cancer.I miss my Mom especially during this time of the year. She was still young when she passed on to Heaven. She was only fifty five years old and I was only twenty five years old when she died.


I know that I was blessed with many more years than some children get with their parents, but it still seemed far too soon for her to go.

I had barely outgrown the selfishness of my adolescent years and truly begun to appreciate all the love and caring she had given me in my life when the cancer came.


The last four years of her life were the hardest ones and yet they were filled with so much love, joy, goodness, laughter, closeness, and caring. I can remember calling her everyday and ending each phone call with "I love you Mom."

We both knew how precious time was by then and we made the most of the time we had left together. I truly do wish, though, that I could hug her one more time, look into her shining eyes and smiling face, and tell her how much I love her.


Losing my Mom when I was so young did teach me one thing: we don't have forever in this world. If we want to share our love and joy with others then we have to do so now. That is why I hug my children everyday, that is why I tell my wife I love her every chance I can, and that is why I write my articles and share my joy with others at every opportunity.

Don't let a day go by then without thanking God for your life and sharing your love and joy with everyone you can. Life is short. Live it with love. Live it in joy. I love you Mom.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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