Joseph J. Mazzella
Miracles Within Us

I am always amazed at how many miracles there are in this life. Everywhere you look there they are.

They are in the first flower that pokes its head up in the Spring. They are in the singing of the birds and music of the frogs as the sun sets and the world turns to night. They are in the parting of the clouds and the magnificent lighting up of the world that follows. They are in the golden sunlight that chases the grey and gloom away and fills the heart with joy. They are in nature, in animals, and in life itself. Most of all, though, they are in each one of us.


Now many of you might object that there is a single miracle inside of you let alone countless ones. The truth, however, is that all of us have within ourselves miracles upon miracles. God loves us all and gives each of us the miraculous power to change the world with His love.


We may not be able to heal the sick, but we can uplift their spirits with our caring and love. We may not be able to feed the world, but we can help to save the lives of one or two with our support and charity. We may not be able to take away the pains of life, but we can hold another up with our kindness and compassion as they face them. We may not be able to bring happiness to everyone, but we can share our happiness, optimism, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and delight with everyone we meet. We may not be able to do the work of God, but we can help God do His work through us by sharing our love, joy, prayers, and oneness with Him.


Don't miss out on the miracles within you then. Choose them, share them, and live them everyday of your life. God has sent us all on the miraculous journey called life and during it we touch countless other souls. Let us always bless them with the miracles of our love, joy, giving, caring, compassion, helping, and goodness. Let us never miss the chance to share a miracle.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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