Joseph J. Mazzella
Many Wonderful Choices

What is life? It is more than just existing. It is more than just breathing. It is more than just slowly counting your birthdays while your body gets older and weaker. It has taken me many years of learning and growing, but I think that now I am finally beginning to understand what life is and what life isn’t.


Life isn’t some frantic race towards some distant goal. Life is a leisurely walk you take each day seeing all the wonder and beauty around you. Life isn’t some tightrope balancing act where you must be perfect or lose everything. Life is a joyful stroll down some old railroad tracks where if you fall off you just smile, laugh and jump right back on. Life isn’t some worrisome counting of every penny you make. Life is smelling flowers, smiling at sunrises, playing with laughing children, and collecting priceless memories. Life isn’t what happens to you. Life is rather the many wonderful choices that you make all through the day and all through your life.


It is these many wonderful choices that bring you the joy you seek. It is these many loving choices that bring you the love you need. It is these many Heavenly choices that bring you the oneness with God you desire. It is these many choices that allow you to smile and forgive instead of stewing in your anger when someone hurts you. It is these many choices that allow you to laugh and love instead of despair when things go wrong. It is these many choices that allow you to give joy and goodness to others instead of always trying to get things from them.


All of life comes down to the many wonderful choices we make each day. Let’s use them to choose a lifetime of love, joy, peace, happiness, goodness, delight, and oneness with God for ourselves.

Let’s use them to bless the world, help others, and bring truth, joy, love, and light to everyone we meet.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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