Joseph J. Mazzella
Make Your Angels Smile

I read recently in an inspirational book that all of us have not just one guardian angel watching over us, but many such angels all though our days. This made me smile at the love God must have for us all to give us so much unseen help in our lives. It also made me feel a bit self-conscious about having angels watching over my every choice and action. In the end, however, I decided that I would just do my best moment by moment and day by day to make my guardian angels smile.


What would you do to make your guardian angels smile? Would you be polite to the person being rude to you and return kindness for anger and love for hate? Would you share part of the money you earn with those who are in great need and continue to trust in God to meet all your needs as well? Would you slow down your walk long enough to smell a newly blooming flower or freshly blossoming Cherry tree? Would you also stop to pick up a piece of trash littering the ground and make the world a bit more beautiful? Would you visit the sick, disabled, and elderly and give them not only your time but your joy and love as well?


Would you sing out loud as you walk down the street and share your delight in being alive in spite of any looks others might give you? Would you hug your children and tell them how much you love them no matter how big they get or old they are? Would you bless this world with your smile, your kind words, your optimism, your enthusiasm, your laughter, your joy, your light, your talents, your energy, your cheerfulness, and your love? Would you do your best moment by moment, all though your day, and all though your life to be the person God meant for you to be?


I hope that all your answers were, ‘Yes’. I hope God and Heaven always look down on your life with joy and pride. And I hope that everyday you make your angels smile.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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