Joseph J. Mazzella
Not Afraid to Die

Somewhere along this journey of life something amazing happened: I stopped being afraid to die. I am not sure when it happened exactly, but the fear of death is no longer with me. I think it happened gradually over the years. Part of me began to see death not as the enemy but as a reminder. It was a reminder to me that I didn't have forever on this world and that I needed to live everyday to the fullest. I also began to realize more and more over the years just how much God loves each and everyone of us in this life.


I began to feel that love in my heart and soul and know that God has a wonderful plan for us all in this life and in the next. Finally, I began to love life itself more and more. As that love of life grew my fear of death shrank. I knew that life was too glorious and beautiful to simply be limited to this world. I knew that even greater life and even greater love must await us beyond it.


Being unafraid to die doesn't mean, however, that I have grown foolhardy or careless in my life. If anything it has made me appreciate and rejoice in this life I have been given even more. I still look both ways when I cross the street and wear a seatbelt in my car. I am no longer afraid though, to smile at strangers or to stop to help someone in need. I have realized that you can't go through life being afraid to die and you can't go through life being afraid to live.


Give up your fears. They only serve to block your love. Be unafraid to die and be unafraid to live. Trust in God. Fill yourself with His love, joy, and light. Go through life living and loving as if each day were your last. Go through life sharing joy, creating delight, and doing good fearlessly. Go through life knowing in your heart, soul, and mind that there is no death only never-ending life.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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