Joseph J. Mazzella
Natural High.

A friend asked me the other day why drugs seem to be everywhere in our society these days. I could only come up with one answer: because they feel good. Yes, drugs are addictive and destructive. Still, they remain everywhere, because people feel good when they take them. No one ever started doing crack, cocaine, speed, or heroin because they wanted their lives ruined.

No one ever started smoking, drinking, or taking pain pills because they wanted to damage their health. They started because it made them feel good, or took away their pain, or helped them to belong to a group.


I think that if we are ever going to get rid of drugs in this world we are going to have to find something better to replace them. We need something that will feel good without destroying us. Happily, there is something out there already that we can do that is better than drugs. That something is choosing joy and love in our lives.


When you begin to choose love and joy moment by moment and day by day you will find something far more powerful than drugs. You will feel good every time you do it. You will feel happier, healthier, and more alive than you ever have before. You will find yourself full of energy and vitality. You will think more clearly, accomplish more, and do better in your work. Your relationships will improve. You will feel at one with yourself, others, this world, and God.

Faith, trust, and peace will grow daily inside of you. You will help others and make the world a better place as well. The only side effects will be living in a state of bliss and making your life what you always dreamed it could be.

  If you really want to feel good then put down the drugs, cigarettes and alcohol included. If you really want to feel good, choose that natural God given high that we were all meant for.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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