Joseph J. Mazzella

I got a letter and picture from my sponsor child today. It was so amazing to see how healthy, happy, and beautiful she looked. It made me feel so good inside to know that just for a bit of money each month I am able to make her life so much better.


The thing, however, that amazed me the most about her picture and letter was just how much she has grown up over the years. She has become a wonderful young lady who is full of grace, maturity, and love. She has become so very wise, kind, caring, and giving. She has gone from a happy child to a joyous girl on the verge of becoming a woman.


Seeing her letter reminded me once again of how fast children grow up and how fast life flies by on this world. Seeing her letter reminded me once again of how precious every second we are given is and how we should never waste any of them. I have heard so many people say how they would love to do so many wonderful things in their lives, yet they never do them. They put them off and put them off. They go by day after day only half-living and only half-loving.


I want you to make a promise today then. I want you to make a promise that you will never only half-live another day of your life. I want you to make a promise that you will choose joy now, choose love now, and share them both now. Now is the only moment you can live. Today is the only day that you really have. Yesterdays are only memories and tomorrow is only a dream. You must live today. You must live now.

Do you want to tell someone you love them? Do it now. Do you want to pray to God and feel His love and joy within you? Do it now. Do you want to sponsor a child overseas, give you own children a hug, and share your goodness and talents with the world? Do it now, do it now, and do it now. God loves you so very much and He wants you to live in love and to live in joy right now.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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