Joseph J. Mazzella
Never Too Old.

I had a very strange experience looking into my mirror this morning. After I finished shaving I looked to see if I had missed any whiskers and noticed as usual the wrinkles on my face and grey hairs on my head. It seemed quite clear that my body was definitely getting older.

Then when I stopped for a moment and took a second look something magical happened. I noticed that my wrinkles seemed more like laugh lines and that my eyes shone with joy and light.



I looked a little deeper inside those eyes and saw my own soul laughing at me with kindness and love. I knew then that even though my body keeps getting older my spirit keeps growing younger with each passing day.

I saw too that no matter how old this body gets I will still be able to choose and share the love and joy that truly makes life worth living.



It really doesn't matter if your body is eight, eighteen, thirty eight, or eighty it is always the right time to love others, to share your joy, to celebrate being alive, to make this world a better place, and to live the life God meant for you to live.

It is never too late to listen to your eternally young soul, your loving heart, and the thousand angel voices urging you to live, love, care, share, grow, and help others to do the same. Take your body young or old then and begin to live today.

  Choose love like you have never chosen it before. Share joy like today is the only day of your life. Give laughter, smiles, kindness, and goodness to everyone you meet. Fill your days with beautiful, wonderful, loving acts. Take those you love in your arms, look them in the eyes, and tell them "I love you." Make your life worthy of the Child of God, the being of light, and the ageless, loving soul you are. This wonderful life of ours is a gift from God and you are never too old to open it and live it.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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