Joseph J. Mazzella
One Day At A Time

I have finally reached the point in my life where I am happily looking forward to my future on this world. Whether it is for another six hours or for another sixty years I am looking forward to it with a joyous anticipation.

I am looking forward to the love I will share and the joy I will spread. I am looking forward to the delight I will choose and the kindness I will give away. I am looking forward to the rejoicing I will do with my loved ones and the happiness I will offer to the world day after beautiful day.


I think that I finally reached this point of looking forward to the future when I realized that I have to live here in the present. Before I used to dread the future and at the same time regret all the mistakes I had made in my past.

I was living every time but now and dwelling in fear and guilt because of it.


It was only when I realized that God made us to live one day at a time that I finally began to live. It was only when I saw that God loves me and wants me to be happy today that I started to choose love and joy today.

It was only when I learned that the past was forever gone and that the future may not come that I began to cherish and rejoice in each moment that I had been given.

  The truth is the only day each of us has to live is today. We can respect and fondly remember the past because it got us to where we are now. We can look forward hopefully to a better future full of love and happiness. Still, we can only live now.

Let us all then choose love and joy today. Let us all share kindness and goodness with everyone everywhere right now. Let us all revel in cheerfulness, happiness, and delight this very moment. If we do so the past will become a glorious memory and the future a vision of joy. May we all live a joyous and loving life one day at a time.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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