Joseph J. Mazzella
Our Perfect Design

Do you know that it takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile? Scientists have also found that it is more draining on the body to be depressed than it is to be happy. Anger and hatred too have been found to use up more energy and vitality than the body can replace while joy and love have actually been found to replenish your energy and vitality. Worry and mistrust are among the greatest destroyers of our zest for living that there are as well. Faith and oneness with God on the other hand tend to produce a calmness that keeps our strength and zest for living high. Pessimism, despair, complaining, and self-pity all make us feel like we are dead inside, but optimism, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and merriment all make us feel like we could live forever.


When all this is taken together then it becomes clear that God designed us to live in love, joy, goodness, and oneness with Him. When we live in and choose these things we come alive with energy and vitality. When we don’t we grow closer to death with each passing day.


The rewards for choosing love, joy, and oneness with God are immediate and glorious too. Everything inside of us becomes better and everything in our lives becomes better. We become blessed rather than stressed. We smile and feel good in the many wonderful choices we make each day. We grow more and more delighted and enlightened while becoming a shining light to all the souls around us. We make the whole world more beautiful just by being in it.


God loves us all so much. He designed us for joy. He designed us for love. He designed us for unending delight and eternal life. He designed us to live in oneness with Him always. Let us always live by our perfect design then. Let us always choose love, joy, life, delight, energy, vitality, and oneness with God. Let us rejoice in these things today, tomorrow, and forever and always share them with everyone everywhere.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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