Joseph J. Mazzella
The Power Of Choice

When each of us is born in this world we are given a very special gift from God. This gift is more beautiful and priceless than you can imagine. It has the power to transform your life and the world around you. It has the strength to face any problems that may come your way and overcome them. It has the energy and ability to make you the person you always dreamed you could be. It has the miracles and magic to fill your body with health, your mind with peace, your heart with love, and your soul with joy. What is this glorious gift from God? It is simply the power of choice.


One of the greatest days of my life was the day when I realized that with my every choice I could choose love, joy, and oneness with God, and then share them with the world. It was then that I saw the infinite possibilities for peace, happiness, delight, growth, and learning that existed in this life. It was then that I saw too how I could be a powerful force for good in this world.


Don’t ignore your own power of choice then. Use it, cherish it, and allow it to help you be a powerful force for love, joy, and God in this life. Use it to smile at your neighbours, hug your children, and tell your family just how much you love them. Use it to watch the sunrise, plant some flowers, and thank God for your life. Use it to give to a charity, help a friend in need, or donate a pint of blood. Use it to sing joyously, dance delightedly, and laugh happily everyday.


Use it to share the wisdom of your mind, the goodness of your heart, and the strength of your soul with all who need them. Use it to make yourself a better person, your neighbourhood a better community, and the world a better place. Use it to share your talents with the world, your love with everyone everywhere, and your joy with the entire universe. Use it to grow in oneness with life, in oneness with others, and in oneness with God for all eternity.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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