Joseph J. Mazzella
Puppy Love

My dogs are some of my greatest teachers when it comes to love. When I get home I can always expect to hear them barking joyously and bouncing back and forth happily. They are always delighted to see me no matter what mood I'm in.

They are always ready to be touched, hugged, and petted on. My littlest one takes great pleasure in jumping on my lap and licking me on the chin. Everyday and in every way my dogs show me a love that is both joyful and unconditional.


We all should take a lesson or two from our puppy professors. We all should see that it is far more joyful to love unconditionally than it is to place limits on our love. The great Leo Buscaglia once said that, "When you cease placing conditions on your love you have taken a giant step toward learning to love."

I would also say that when you cease placing conditions on your joy and happiness you have taken a giant step toward learning to be joyous and happy. Dogs seen to know this instinctively. They don't wait for conditions to be right before they wag their tails and give you their love. They don't wait for good news to play and have fun. They don't wait for the perfect moment to be happy. They instead revel in each and every moment that they are given.


Don't be afraid to take a dog's advice then. Don't be afraid to enjoy a sunny day or play in the grass. Don't be afraid to forgive easily and completely. Don't be afraid to find joy and happiness in the present moment. Don't be afraid to give love expecting nothing in return.

  I think that the reason so many of us love dogs is the same reason that God gave us dogs in the first place: they show us how to love and how to live. May all of us live as joyfully and as lovingly as a playful puppy.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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