Joseph J. Mazzella
Singing And Dancing

I found myself dancing while I was vacuuming again today. I just couldn't help myself. Sometimes you feel so good and happy that you just have to dance while you vacuum. It happens to me a lot more often these days I am delighted to say. I usually wait until I am alone since my dancing like my singing brings more joy to me than to others. Then I turn up my favorite music so I can hear it over the vacuum's roar and sing and dance my way to a clean floor. It's the perfect way to lift up the dirt and uplift my spirits as well.


I find it sad when so many people say that they can find no joy in their daily work and no joy in their daily lives. I can tell that many of them are truly seeking that joy, but are looking everywhere except the one place they should look: inside themselves. The truth is that you can find no joy in your work until you bring joy to your work and no joy in your life until you bring joy to your life. Joy and love are both gifts of God that reside in every human heart and soul. It's up to us to choose them, though.


How often we have these things comes directly from how often we choose these things. We can have them hardly at all, some of the time, or from the second we wake up until the second we go to sleep and all through our dreams. The choice is ours to make moment by moment.

  Make your choice today then to live in joy and love. Make your choice to choose these things, share them, and grow in them forever. If you can take the time to shower and dress every morning then you can take the time to fill your mind with happy thoughts, your heart with loving feelings, and your life with joy. It takes so little effort and yet it brings you so much in return.

You may even find yourself singing at work or dancing with your vacuum.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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