Joseph J. Mazzella
Sing A Song.

I was driving along yesterday listening to one of my favorite radio stations. It was playing a song that I found both uplifting and energizing. Since I was alone and unlike others don't mind my singing voice, I sang along. As I started to go down a mountain, though, the signal began to fade. I was soon left with nothing but static. For a moment I considered changing the station to something else, but in the end I thought better of it. I instead turned the radio off and kept on singing the song I loved so much.


Life can be like that sometimes, too. Sometimes life doesn't let us tune in the radio station we want. Sometimes we are left with only static and junk we don't want to listen to. It is then that we have to make a choice. Are we going to whine and complain about the static and make ourselves miserable? Are we going to tune in the junk just because it is all that is on? If we do either, we are doing no favor to ourselves.


There is another choice, however. We can instead turn off that radio and sing to the music that is within our own souls. We don't have to be miserable because life didn't give us what we wanted. We don't have to go along with what life and other people hand us. We can create our own music. We can sing songs of joy, love, and light. We can make our life a concert of never ending happiness.

  It has been said many times that life is a song that we sing. Make your song a beautiful one then. Make your song an uplifting and energizing one. Make your song one that touches the hearts of others. Make your song a love song in which everyone finds happiness and no one gets hurt. Make your song full of fun, forgiveness, kindness, caring, laughter, light, goodness, and oneness with God. Make your song one that you will sing joyfully for all eternity.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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