Joseph J. Mazzella
Singing in the Rain

If you have never been for a walk during a warm, Summer's rain then I highly recommend it. There is nothing quite so refreshing, delightful, and cleansing as having Heaven's waters shower down on you from the sky. You might want to sing a song, dance in the puddles, and laugh at the clouds while you do it too. The rain, after all, is just as much a part of life as the sunshine is. It is the rain, in fact, that helps us all to grow the most.


There is a tremendous joy you get when you can go through all the rains of life with love in your heart and a smile in your soul. I can remember when I used to try to make all the things in my life go my way. It was like standing in the middle of a rainstorm and trying to make it stop raining. These days I just smile and let it pour. I know that there will always be problems in this life. I know that there will always be pains. I know that there will always be disappointments. It doesn't mean that I can't face them joyfully, lovingly, and faithfully. It doesn't mean I can't use them to grow better, stronger, and more at one with God.


Stop trying to change the world around you then. Stop trying to make it quit raining. Change yourself instead. Sing in the rain instead. Realize that if you want joy in your soul that you will have to choose to bring it there. Realize that if you are going to be full of love that you will have to stop expecting it from others and start giving it to yourself. Realize that if you truly want happiness in your life that you will have to share that love and joy with others while expecting nothing in return. Realize that if you are going to ever be one with God that you need to invite Him daily into your heart, mind, and soul.


There will always be rain in this life. Whether we curse at it or sing in it is up to us. Let us always sing a joyful song then in both the sunshine and the rain.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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