Joseph J. Mazzella
Sharing Sunlight.

There is something magical about taking a walk on a party cloudy day. It doesn't matter if you are walking in the woods, through the prairie, along the beach, or even around the block. When you take a walk on such a day it can be dark, gloomy, and cloudy but you still remain full of hope.

You know that there is always a chance that the clouds will part and the sun will break through to light up the world. When it does break through it is such a blessing too. It is like the angels themselves have sent a beam of light from Heaven to uplift your heart and fill your soul with joy.



I often call such magical sunbeams: angel slides, because I am sure that angels do slide down them to share in our love and delight when they appear. Another thing I love about these magical sunbeams is how they show us that it only takes the tiniest amount of sunlight to transform the world.

Whenever I see them I am encouraged, because I know that my own sunlight while not the brightest can still transform the world around me and make it better and more beautiful than it was before.


I only have to choose to shine it and share it with others. Don't keep your own sunlight hidden in your soul then. It was meant to be shined. It was meant to be shared.

  The love, light, and joy within us are such beautiful gifts from God. Let's not let them go to waste. Let's shine them through our laughter, our smiles, and our joy in living. Let's share them through our words, our kindness, and our countless little acts of love. Let's let them overflow from our souls and carry God's light on a million loving sunbeams to everyone everywhere. Let's let no amount of clouds keep us from sharing God's joy and sunlight with the world.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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