Joseph J. Mazzella

If you can't remember the last time you watched the sunset then please watch the one tonight. If it is overcast then watch the one tomorrow night. There are few things that connect you quicker to God's love and joy than watching the sun setting over the mountains ,or the ocean, or the desert, or the prairies, or the city.


Every sunset is different and yet each one is so beautiful. Each one is full of fantastic colours from radiant reds, to glorious greens, to peaceful purples, to outstanding oranges, to breathtaking yellows. Each one is a masterpiece created by God's loving hand. Each one is a testament to His love for this world and for all of us.


There are few things better than watching a brilliant and beautiful sunset except perhaps watching a brilliant and beautiful life. Just like a fantastic sunset, a life lived from the soul is a thing of constant beauty. Its love and joy light up the sky. Its giving and sharing brings colour and delight to the world. Its wonderful energy touches the hearts and souls of everyone around it. Like a glorious sunset, it too is constantly changing and becoming. It is never the same from one instant to the next, but is always growing towards greater joy, love, and oneness with God.


May we all live a brilliant and beautiful life then. May we all live from our souls and shine like the sun. May we all light up the sky with our goodness, love, joy, and delight. May we all use the clouds in our lives to bring ourselves to even greater beauty and wonder.

May we all make our lives a fantastic sunset of goodness, kindness, energy, vitality, cheerfulness, merriment, and oneness with God.

God loves us enough to give us a lifetime of spectacular sunsets. May we all love God enough to give Him a lifetime of glorious days lived in love, shared in joy, and celebrated in light.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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