Joseph J. Mazzella
Thousands Of Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot about thinking recently. It is, after all, one of the things we humans do the best. I read the other day that a person averages about 60,000 separate thoughts everyday. Now that is a lot of thinking.

The sad thing, though, is not that we have 60,000 thoughts each day. The sad thing is that we have the same 60,000 thoughts everyday.


We have worry about the bills thoughts. We have put ourselves down thoughts. We have complain about the world thoughts. We have hate each other thoughts. We have moan about our situation thoughts. We have judge other people thoughts. We have jealousy, bitterness, frustration, anger, sickness, and depression thoughts.

We have thousands upon thousands of negative thoughts everyday. Wouldn't it be a wonder, however, if we started to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones?


Each thought is just a choice, after all. Just think what a glorious life we could create if we could think the way God meant for us to. We could have trust in God's abundance thoughts. We could have build ourselves up thoughts. We could have make the world better thoughts. We could have love everyone thoughts. We could have choose joy no matter what our situation thoughts. We could have accept and help other people thoughts. We could have thankful, happy, delightful, loving, healthy, and giving thoughts.

  We could have thousands upon thousands of positive, God given thoughts and make our lives a sea of goodness, joy, and love. Don't let your thoughts ruin your life then. Choose to make every thought you can a thought of love and joy. Choose to make your mind a powerful force for goodness in this world. Let your thoughts give you endless love, joy, and delight and then share these gifts with everyone around you. Learn to quiet your chattering mind so that God can fill it with peace, happiness, and oneness with His love forever.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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