Joseph J. Mazzella
Taking Out The Trash

I just finished taking out the garbage and I must say that the house smells so much nicer now. In the humid heat of Summer an overflowing trash can will soon begin to take on a life of its own. It is not a good life either. It is rather one filled with disgusting, noxious odours and rotting, decaying filth. Happily, though, it is a simple matter to take the garbage out the door and to the trash bin.


Sometimes our own lives can start to resemble a trash can. Sometimes we collect so much anger, resentment, and negativity that we start to stink as well. The longer we hold on to these things the worst the smell gets too.

Our lives literally become garbage cans full of the rot and decay of anger, hate, fear, pain, and depression. Looking at the garbage doesn't make it go away either. Analysing it and sorting through it doesn't make it any less disgusting. In order to get rid of the garbage in your life you have to tie up the bag and toss it out.


It is as simple as it sounds too. Just take those negative thoughts out of your mind and those negative feelings out of your heart. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and know that God forgives you too. Forgive others as well and send them your love. Begin to choose love and joy again in what you think, feel, and do. Begin to share that love and joy with others and to help them in any way you can. Before long you will realize that the trash you have been holding inside you is gone and all that is left is peace, joy, happiness, love, and oneness with God.

  Remember then to take out your trash often. Remember to keep your life and your soul clean of the garbage that negativity brings. Life was meant to be a garden of love and joy not a dump.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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