Joseph J. Mazzella
Thank You God

I love hearing the words 'Thank you.' There is something so delightful, magical, and joyful in those words. They carry with them the wonderful power to uplift a heart, brighten a day, and fill a soul with bliss. They connect us one to another with their beauty and strengthen the bonds between us always.

I am still so happy to hear my sixteen year old son and my thirteen year old daughter tell me 'Thank you' when I do something for them. I am still so delighted to hear my wife say those sweet words as well. I am still so glad whenever I hear the beautiful music of those blessed words. Those words remind me always that I am still helping others and making the world a better and more loving place with the thousand little things I do everyday.


I try to say 'Thank you' myself whenever I can. I want those around me and all the people I meet to know that I am grateful for the good things they do, the kindness they share, and the help they give. I want those people to know that they are appreciated and that they are of so much value to this world and everyone in it. Everyone of us, after all, is a wonderful soul who is capable of sharing so much love and joy in our lives. We all deserve a thank you now and then.


I think, however, that most of all we should say 'Thank you' to God. It is God who gives us this life that we live. It is God who gives us the goodness, love, and joy that we share. It is God who showers us with blessings and gives us endless opportunities to grow in love all of our days here. It is God who truly deserves our thanks.


May all of us then start each day with a heartfelt:

'Thank you God for my life.' May all of us fill ourselves with His wonderful love and endless joy. May all of us share His goodness and light with the world. May all of us live a life full of love, joy, and 'Thank you's.'

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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