Joseph J. Mazzella
Tending Your Garden

When I was a boy growing up we had four separate gardens growing around our house to help feed us through the year. We grew corn, green beans, squash, watermelons, cantaloupes, onions, tomatoes, and carrots. The biggest garden of all was devoted entirely to potatoes. My Mom and Grandma also had countless flowers growing in boxes around the house and hanging in pots on the porch. It was wonderful to be around so much life and so much growth. It makes me admire even today the power, intelligence, and love of God to create so many wonderful, living things.


I of course, grumbled like any little boy when it came time to plant, weed, and water so many gardens. I much preferred riding my bike. Still, seeing how much love, attention, and work my parents put into the gardens, seeing the cellar full of fresh canned vegetables for the winter, and seeing the wonderful foods that always showed up on our dinner table left lasting memories in my heart, soul, and mind. Even though I only have a few flowers in my own garden these days, I still water them with a smile and laugh with joy when they stretch and grow towards the sun.


I also try to take special care of my other garden as well. That garden is my life. I do my best to keep it free of weeds, to nourish its roots in God's love, and to water it daily with my own joy. I do my best to grow the greatest fruits, the best vegetables, and the most beautiful flowers in it, because I want to share this glorious garden with the whole world.


Do your best to tend your own garden then. Sun it with your smiles, water it with your joy, and keep the weeds away with your kindness. Let its roots grow deep in oneness with God. Let its plants grow strong in beauty, happiness, forgiveness, energy, and delight. And then share all its goodness, bounty, and abundance with those around you. The table you set will be a true feast grown in the Eden of your own loving soul and bathed in the light of Heaven.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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