Joseph J. Mazzella
What Buddy Knows

My Saint Bernard, Buddy, is an amazing dog. He may just be a genius as far as dogs go. He may even be a genius as far as humans go. Buddy seems to know exactly what life is all about at the tender young age of 10 months. I’m 38 years old and still working on it. Every single day I find that my young, wise, 150 pound puppy professor has another special lesson for me to learn.


Buddy knows for instance that it is always the right time for a hug even if a little doggy drool accompanies it. Buddy knows that life is a feast of good things whether they come in a dog bowl or whether you have to stick your head on the table to enjoy them. Buddy knows that rest is an important part of life. It doesn’t matter if it comes from lying in the sunshine in the middle of the day, snoring on your blanket at night, or sneaking up onto the bed after everyone else is sleeping.


Buddy knows that people always enjoy sharing the joy and love that can fill their hearts to overflowing. This sharing can be the last bite of food at dinner, a nice long belly rub and head scratch combination, an ice cube fresh out of the freezer, or a long, enjoyable walk outside. Buddy knows that all the time can be quality time if you do what you do with the energy and delight that is in your heart and mind. When Buddy plays he plays happily, when Buddy sleeps he sleeps contentedly, and when Buddy loves he loves joyously.


I am sure that Buddy has a lot more to teach me, my wife, and my kids in the years we will spend together. I only hope that I am a student worthy of his genius. I still thank God for him everyday. I hope that all of you too find a ‘Buddy’ in your life. I hope that all of you find a God given teacher whether two-legged or four-legged that shows you what is important about life and reminds you everyday that Love is the only thing that matters. I hope that all of you take these lessons to heart, live them well, and always share them with the world.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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