Joseph J. Mazzella
Wind Chimes

I am listening to some beautiful music right now. Just hearing it brings joy to my soul and a smile to my face. It wasn't written by any songwriter though. This music was written by God Himself and carried with His love on the winds right into my heart. This music comes from the wind chimes on my back porch. They are ringing with delight at every gust of the warm, March wind that is blowing outside my home right now. Their every chime, ring, and tingle sings with joy and makes wonderful music as they dance with the swirling winds of nature.


I have always loved wind chimes even as a little boy. I have always delighted in the peaceful, loving music they bring. I even have a tiny set given to me by my loving wife hanging in my car.

I find their gentle song soothing to my soul whenever I listen to them. The thing that amazes me most about wind chimes however, is that no matter which way the wind blows or how hard the gusts hit them, they still sing. They sing their songs and make their music on warm, sunny days like today and on dark, cold, rainy days as well. They delightfully ring to greet the rising sun and still tingle during the darkest night. They bring forth their joyous sounds when surrounded by others and also when no one else is around.


If we all could just follow their example what glorious music we could fill this world with. Don't ever let your own music die inside you. Don't ever hold your own chimes silent.


God put us here to make beautiful music with our lives. God put us here to make each of our days a song of love, laughter, joy, delight, caring, and sharing. Let your own chimes sing always then. Make your own life a concert of joy no matter which way the winds may turn you.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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