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What Are You Going To Write?.

In the hallway of my son and daughter’s high school there is a poster that says: ‘You are the Author of your own Life Story.’ This very wise and very true saying made me think of my own life. I have had more rough drafts and editing sessions than I can count, but I think that I am finally writing the story of my life that I always wanted to write. It is a definite best seller when it comes to my soul and that is the only audience any of us should care about.


What kind of story are you going to write? What kind of story are you writing now? Is it a comedy of mistakes and problems that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time? Is it a tragedy of pain and suffering that you would rather not write at all? Is it a horror story that scares you with every page you turn? Is it a mystery that keeps you guessing what will happen next? Is it a romance that leaves you wishing for a happily ever after ending, but realizing that real life is full of ups and downs? Is it a life affirming triumph of God’s love over the troubles in this world that uplifts the heart and soul with every word?


Whatever you choose to write know that you can edit it or rewrite it daily. May I suggest, however, that whatever you write you make it a love story. I am not talking about a typical love story either. I am talking about a love of life story. I am talking about a love of learning and growth story. I am talking about a love of nature, animals, music, and books story. I am talking about a love of laughter, joy, and delight story.


Most of all I am talking about a love of yourself, others, and God story. Any story with that much love is bound to be a great read, full of humour, excitement, wisdom, fun, and joy that will touch the heart, mind, and soul. May you write a great story then. May you write a story so good that you never want to put the book down. May you write a story that doesn’t just end with this life, but goes on to the next.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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