Joseph J. Mazzella
What's Necessary For A Happy life?

What's necessary for a happy life? This is a question that has been asked by more people over the years than anyone could ever count. How much do we have to have in order to be happy and full of joy?

I know that compared to a lot of this world I am rich in material things. Yet, how many of them are necessary for me to be happy?


I have a good car. It gets me where I am going and is comfortable to ride in, but it isn't necessary for my happiness. I have a television, a stereo, and a nice music collection. They give me a lot of pleasure and entertainment, but they aren't essential to my joy.

My home is warm, safe, and dry, but I can remember being happy when I lived in a small, cold, and drafty apartment too. I have enough money now to meet all my needs, but even when I was struggling just to get by I can remember having great joy and love in my life.



What is necessary for happiness then? What is essential for joy? The truth is only life itself is necessary for happiness and only a willing soul is essential for a life filled with love and joy. Both love and joy are free gifts from God. They await any soul that is willing to open itself to them, to choose them daily, and to share them with others.

  The poorest person in material things can still be the richest person in the world when it comes to love, joy, happiness, delight, goodness, laughter, smiles, and oneness with God. Always remember what is necessary then. Always remember what is essential. Enjoy and use all the wonderful things you have, but always remember that happiness, love, and joy come from within. Choose that joy, create that happiness, and share that love. Fill yourself with goodness and God. Live from the heart and soul and you'll always know what's necessary.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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