Joseph J. Mazzella
Who We Really Are

I heard the sweetest, most beautiful, and most delightful sound the other day. It warmed my heart, brought a smile to my lips, and filled my soul with joy when I heard it. It was the glorious sound of children laughing, playing, running, and singing. It was beautiful music to my ears and a wonderful reminder of who we really are in this life.


All too often I think we forget who we really are in this life. We get so caught up in our struggles, conflicts, hatreds, judgements, and troubles that we stop seeing who we really are and why we are really here. We get so wrapped up in the pain, fear and darkness that are sometimes in this life that we forget the joy, love, and light that dwells within each of our hearts and souls.


Who are we really then?

We are more than just these bodies that we walk around in.

We are more than just these random thoughts that fill our minds.

We are more than just the reactions and feelings that come upon us all day long.

We are instead glorious creations of God capable of so much goodness, peace, and happiness.

We are spreaders of delight to sad minds.

We are sharers of joy to lonely hearts.

We are givers of love to weakened souls.

We are magical human beings creating smiles and laughter wherever we go.

We are angels in disguise giving messages of God's love to everyone in the world.

We are beings of light casting out the darkness of the world with our bright, shining souls.

We are Children of God letting His peace, love, and joy come through our every thought, feeling, and action.

We are miracles of life and love making the world a better place just by being in it.


We are wondrous souls living the way we were meant to live. We are all these things and even more. It is up to us, however, to remember who we really are and why we are really here. It is up to us to be what God always meant for us to be.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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