Joseph J. Mazzella
When The Sun Comes Out

The last few days here had been the darkest, cloudiest, and rainiest kind imaginable. Everything had been shrouded by the greyness of the sky. The gloominess seemed everywhere. It even seeped into my house. Even with every light on my home felt dim and full of shadows. It seemed like this greyness was even starting to get to my own body too. In spite of my most joyful intentions and best efforts I was still feeling sluggish and tired.


It was then, however, that a wonderful thing happened: the sun came back out again. If you ever want to know what God’s love feels like then you have to watch the sun break through the clouds on a rainy day. What a glorious sight it was. Beams of light streamed across the sky. They looked bright enough and wide enough for a thousand angels to slide down each one.


The hillsides were instantly transformed by a golden glow that made them come alive with Heavenly beauty. The whole world was sparkling in sunshine and delight once again. I felt my own sagging face suddenly turn into a joyous smile and found myself singing and laughing. It was then that I once again realized that this world is full of miracles and that sometimes the best miracle of all is simply when the sun comes out.


Let’s all promise then to never hide our own God-given sunshine behind the clouds in our lives. Let’s all promise to let it come out and light up our hearts and souls with every choice we make. May we always let it shine in the smiles we give to others, in the kind words we say to them, and in the loving acts we do for them. May we always let it glow in the warm hugs we give our loved ones, in the gentle laughter we share with them, and in the wonderful joy we create with them. May we always let it brighten the world around us, lighten the world within us, and help God to live through us.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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