Joseph J. Mazzella
Young Souls

One of the most interesting things that I have found out about my life is that as my body seems to get older and older, my spirit seems to keep getting younger and younger.

As my hair greys and my skin wrinkles, my heart sings and my souls dances. As my body slows down, my love speeds up. As my brain gets more forgetful, my soul gets more mindful. I think all of this is because the closer my body gets to death, the more aware my soul becomes of what it means to live.


It has taken me many years, for instance, to fully realize just how important and enjoyable it is to give someone a hug. In fact, giving out some hugs can be the most important thing you do all day. The same is true for saying, 'I love you'. Nothing you do at work today will be as valuable as letting those you care about know just how much you love them. This is also true for singing, dancing, laughing, and loving. These things add more joy to your hours, life to your days, and length to your years than anything else you can do.


You can even mix them up into a glorious whirlwind of delight. I know that my own singing and dancing always tends to bring out laughter in others for some reason. Children seem to know all of these things instinctively, but it often takes us adults many years to get our souls young enough to realize it as well.


Don't let your soul age with your body then. Keep it always full of love, joy, youth, and delight. Share its energy, vitality, and goodness with everyone you meet. Let it make your old body into a singing, dancing, laughing, loving, and hugging machine. Let it always be full of God's ageless love, endless joy, and limitless light. Let it live to the fullest every single day of this life and grow ever more loving, joyous, and at one with God for the next.

  Joseph J. Mazzella
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