Joseph J. Mazzella
Heaven On Earth

It is such a Heavenly day as I write this. The sky is clear, the sun is shining, the air is cool and brisk, the trees are waving hello to me as the wind blows through them, and I can feel God's wonderful love inside of me and all around me. It is almost like Heaven decided to drop in for a visit here on Earth.


I truly do believe in Heaven. Why do I believe in it? I believe in it because I have seen so much of it even though I am still here on Earth. I have seen it in the glorious sunrises God gives us each day. I have seen it in the starry, moonlit nights God gives us each night. I have seen it shining in a baby's eyes and heard it singing through a child's laugh. I have watched it flowing from another's smiling face. I have felt in every hug I have ever been given.


I have listened to it in every kind word ever spoken to me. I have read it in beautiful, uplifting words and sung it in glorious, heart touching songs. I have seen it looking up at me from a dog's eyes and watched it shared from happy hearts and loving souls. I have seen that bit of Heaven that lies in all of us and done my best to share my own bit of Heaven with the world everyday.

  Even though you are still here on Earth for a while don't ignore the Heaven around you or the Heaven within you. Life is full of Heavenly moments and Heavenly blessings. Rejoice in every single one of them. Take them into your heart and invite them into your soul. Nourish and grow that bit of Heaven that lies within you and then share it with everyone you meet. Bless this world with your love, joy, peace, kindness, and light and help to create a little more Heaven here on Earth.
  Joseph J. Mazzella
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