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Healing Hands of Light


We are living in a New Age, an age where more and more people are seeking alternatives to traditional medicine.

Herbs, acupuncture, massage, Ayurvedic medicine and other forms of Healing are becoming more acceptable to those who were able to think in terms of medication and psychotherapy only a few years ago.

Some health insurance plans even offer discounts for Therapeutic Massage and visits to Wellness Centres.

This is not to say that allopathic medicine is not needed any more or that homeopathy or Ayurvedic medicine is the cure-all. All can work together to promote healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy spirits.


Reiki, Mari-El Healing, Chi Kung or Qi Gong, and Laying on of Hands are some of the Healing modalities available today. There are even spin-offs such as Reiki-Mari-El, Laying on of Hands and Therapeutic Touch, for instance.

Other practitioners apply Universal Energy in a different manner to balance the Chakric and the subtle energies contained in the client's aura. You may recognize some of these modalities; Energy Balancing, Deep Body Work, Aura Cleansing or Chakra Attunement, to name a few. Light workers speak about anchoring Universal Light to Heal the Planet.

Even though the names of these methods are many and the ways they are employed vary, one thing they all have in common is that they all use Energy to correct imbalances in the physical form.

There are many names for this Energy: Light, Universal Light, Christ Light, Chi, or Ki are the ones you will hear most often. I prefer to call it Divine or Universal Energy.


So how does this Energy or Light affect the body and help it heal?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines 'Energy' as 'usable power', and also as the 'resource(s) for producing such power'.

This dictionary also states that 'Universal' means 'affecting the whole without limit or exception'.

And according to the same dictionary, 'Light' has many definitions: 'enlightenment', 'truth', 'lighthouse', 'beacon', 'a flame for lighting something'.


Everything in the Universe, ourselves, our pets, our furniture, our plants, everything; is made up of atoms. These atoms are constantly in motion, vibrating at differing rates to produce specific results.

When we get sick, it is because the atoms that comprise our bodies are not all vibrating at a harmonious rate. This causes imbalances to body, mind and spirit.

What affects the body affects the mind and the spirit as well, because we are Body, Mind and Spirit. A living being cannot have one without the other two.

When we combine the components of Universal, Energy and Light, we unlock the three-fold principals of all Healing Work; Intent, Balance and Awareness.







'Intent', states the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is 'the state of mind with which an act is done'.

That 'Balance' is 'to bring into harmony or proportion'.

And 'Awareness' is 'having perception or knowledge'.


Intent is your state of mind.

Whenever you are called upon to impart Healing Energy to another person, your Intent should be stated through your preparation to do the Work. Most practitioners have particular rituals they perform before any Healing session.

These can include cleansing one's own aura, meditation, prayer and grounding one's self before beginning the session. The purpose of ritual before beginning the Healing Session is to open a clear channel for Universal Healing Energy to use in your Work.

When you begin the Healing, be sure to inform your client that he or she is free to accept or reject. I also ask permission to perform hands-on Healing before I begin, as their affirmative response enables them to receive Healing more readily.

This means establishing a channel between yourself and Universal Light Energy, so it is available to you during the Healing session.


Balance is to bring into harmony that on which you focus your Intent.

As you prepare for your Work, you are bringing your own Body, Mind and Spirit into Balance. This Balancing opens a clear Energy Channel from you to your client.

When the Energy Channel is open, the practitioner can perceive, become Aware of the needs of the client. This is the most important aspect of any Healing; to be Aware of the energies in the client's fields, and be sensitive to any imbalances in the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Remember, Healing practitioners are channels for Universal Healing Energy. That Divine Energy, combined with the client's ability to absorb and utilize it, are what actually enables the Healing.



Universal Healing Energy a gift from the Universe itself. We all have the ability to help others with this Energy. We just have to learn how to use it. Here are some steps to get you started:

After performing your chosen ritual(s), bring in the Universal Healing Energy by imagining a bright White or Golden Light streaming into your Crown Chakra.

Bring that Light down through your Brow and Throat Chakras and let it rest in the Heart Chakra for a moment.

Continue to stream the Light down through your body and your legs, and let it flow into the ground. Let it rest there for a moment.

Then bring the Light back up to your Heart Centre, to your shoulders, down through your arms and into the palms of your hands.

You may notice your hands, especially your palms, getting hot, and sometimes red. You may become quite warm, even perspire. This is caused by the build-up of Energy. It's time to get started.


Before you begin, let your client know what you will be doing, whether you will physically touch them, or be working only within their aura, but not directly on the body.

Inform your client they are free to accept or reject the Healing. Always ask permission before performing any hands-on Work. I ask, "May I touch you?". When I work only with the Energy fields, I simply ask, "May I begin?"

You will sense where to place your hands. During an hands-on session, cup your hands slightly to allow the Energy to flow unimpeded.

You will have an inner knowing of what you should be doing and how to do it. Let the Divine Energy do the Work. Relax and just do what It tells you to do.


When you sense the session is finished, please remember to seal your client's aura before you dismiss them. Whenever you do Healing Work, you are working with the aura and the magnetic field of your client, so it is very important to seal it.

After cleaning and repairing repairing the auric field, you want to be sure no openings remain. I have seen some nasty results when someone's aura was left open.

So at the conclusion of the session, I bless my client and seal their aura to let them know the session has ended. I find the most effective method to close the aura is to smooth it from the feet to the client's head and clap once above the Crown Chakra.

There is no wrong way to do Healing Work. Every practitioner has his or her own talents and gifts. Several people trained in the same modality, working side by side, will show differences in technique and application. Just let the Healing Energy flow. You are the channel for this Divine Light. So let go and let the Universe.As above,

So Below.
Rev. Barbara Taylor

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