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How To Meet Our Angels

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Meeting our Guardian Angels is so easy to do, that a lot of us do not know that we have met our Guardian Angels.

However, for those of us who have not met our Guardian Angels and would like to meet our Guardian Angels, and for those of us who have met our Guardian Angels, but want to meet those Special Beings again, here is a little exercise for us to do to bring our Guardian Angels into our awareness:


That's right…. ASK.

We do not require a mystical experience to meet our Angels, and we do not need to sit in deep meditation to find our Angels. All that we need to do, is ask that our Angelic Guardians make themselves known to us, and they will.

What is so wonderful about Angels is that Angels are always waiting for the opportunity to do something for us. Whether it is helping us to solve a problem, giving us a fresh perspective on things, or making themselves known to us in a very tangible way, Angels are waiting patiently for us to ask them for their help.

Angels manifest in various ways, and we will not all have the same experience with our Angels, but we will have an Angelic Experience if we ASK.

If we are shy about speaking aloud to ask our Angels, we can write letters to our Angels expressing our wishes. We should leave our letters out where our Angels can see them.

If we are ready to meet our Angels, we should go ahead and...


Reverend Barbara Taylor

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